Another September Week

Another September Week

Good Saturday morning, almost afternoon! We’re in the middle of a lovely mid-September weekend and I was up late last night with an outdoor bookclub. I also have a friend visiting that likes walks in the morning.


I’ve had a busy week, but mainly because of my duties as Ottawa and Eastern Ontario director for Crime Writers of Canada. This included a board meeting and an interview on Facebook live with B.C. author Erik D’Souza as part of a ‘Meet the Board’ series. You can watch my interview here – only 10 minutes long. I’m also preparing to interview another author from my region and will work on this today. In addition, this past Monday was my turn to post on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot and you can read my entry here.

I didn’t get any writing done whatsoever on my latest book manuscript, but I did pen a short story, so not a complete loss of time. I’m going to refine the story and go through Blind Date one more time for a copy edit. I’ve been through this manuscript about eight times already, so what’s one more?

I’m torn between starting to clean out my garden and writing today, but we won’t have many more such lovely days before the weather turns. Maybe, I’ll split the difference and take my laptop outside to work, give the flowers one more day of reprieve before I start cleaning out the annuals and pots.

Have a good week, everyone, and enjoy these fine, last weeks of September.