Ahh Summer

Ahh Summer

Summer solstice yesterday was a beautiful day that marked the first day of summer. The rainy week before made the gardens lush with some spring flowers blooming later than usual and the summer bloomers opening too. We whiled the evening away on a friend’s veranda until the sun set so a lovely way to see out spring and welcome in summer.

My past few days and the week to come, in contrast, are being spent in front of my computer reviewing the first round of edits for Closing Time done by by Dundurn editor Shannon Whibbs. I have a June 28 deadline so will have to buckle down. A working weekend ahead.

It was a great signing at Coles Carlingwood last Saturday with some friends stopping by for a copy of Turning Secrets and several strangers who stopped to chat and ended up buying Cold Mourning. It was such a good day that we sold out of both books! One woman even drove in from Stittsville to get a signed copy of the latest. Some days, this writing gig feels pretty darn good. One other happening while I was signing was a couple of guys filming for a mall commercial and they took some footage of me and my books – let’s see if this makes the cut 🙂

I will be at Perfect Books (258 Elgin) on Saturday, June 29 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. so another chance to come by if you’d like a signed copy.

I’ll also be back on 1310 News The Power Lunch this Wednesday (June 26) to talk about the news of the day with host Mark Sutcliffe and another guest. I never know who the other guest is until the day and have met some very interesting people – never the same person twice. You can listen in from noon to 12:30 or watch on Rogers Cable 22 or online at 1310 News Facebook live.

Looking like another lovely day ahead but it’s time for me to get the day underway and prepare for that editing. I’m sure I’ll be taking breaks to be outside though … it would be crazy not to enjoy the stretch of summer weather predicted for the week ahead.