A New Decade and Beyond!

A New Decade and Beyond!

The fourth day into 2020 and our routines are settling back to normal. Still feels as if we’re on holiday and getting down to work has been tough. I’m getting there … slowly, slowly.

Monday was a brutal day weather-wise in Ottawa with media advising us to stay home unless we really had to venture out. Mainly sleet coming steadily down, making the roads slick. I was due across town at the 1310 News station for The Power Lunch and a bit worried about the drive. Ted said that he’d drive me and I happily accepted. We merged onto the Queensway and immediately encountered a multiple car pileup. Once we got past that (tow trucks and police already on the scene) we passed two cars spun out at the next on ramp. We made it to the station in time for the broadcast and then safely home without any let up from the sleet. Anyhow, a fun show with host Sam Laprade who was filling in for Mark Sutcliffe.

We’ve had a break from blogging at 7 Criminal Minds blogspot, but I’m due up this coming Monday. The topic is New Year’s resolutions, both writing and personal, so check out my wish list if you get the chance.

As for the writing, I’ve been adding another chapter to the end of the manuscript, taking the story a bit further. I’ll also be adding a few more sections within the body of the book, attempting to up the tension. And then, another full review of the text. I’m still waiting for some feedback from my readers. Wouldn’t mind a few title suggestions – one of the toughest bits about writing a book 🙂

I received a few books for Christmas: my buddy Rick Mofina’s latest The Lying House and Denise Mina’s Conviction. Rick’s is a suspenseful, quick read that is doing very well in Canada, reaching #3 on the Globe and Mail’s Canadian top ten fiction list two weeks ago and back at #8 today. Rick and I used to sit next to each other when we worked at Health Canada in the communications unit several years back and continue to meet up at book conferences. He’s always offered sage advice about the industry and has been something of a mentor. I’m so pleased to see his recent success. I’m now savouring Denise Mina’s book – she’s such a fine writer – Conviction has received terrific reviews for good reason.

And that wraps it up for me this morning. I’m downing one last coffee before getting in some exercise (resolution!) and then sitting down at my computer.

Cheers to 2020 and the start of a new decade!