A Gorgeous September Weekend

A Gorgeous September Weekend

Good Saturday morning. A beauty of a day in Ottawa with a predicted 25 degrees C.

It’s been a quick week with a lot of my time spent writing and thinking about writing. I’m into the dreaded middle of my latest manuscript when the tension is ratcheting up and events are starting to intersect. I wrote 3500 words this past week so starting to move along.

Many (most) authors speak about the dreaded middle. This is the point in the book when we question our writing ability, the chances of pulling everything together, and our sanity. My plan for this one is full steam ahead with rewriting as necessary down the road. Fingers crossed.

I watched some of the writer/fan conference¬†Bloody Scotland online last weekend and the dreaded middle was mentioned by a few of these accomplished authors. They also talked about writing books without outlines, letting the story unfold as they write. This is how I write for the most part and I’m always surprised and comforted to hear how many other authors follow the same process.

It’s a real shame that these conferences have had to go online. I’ve always had a great time at the ones I’ve gone to, networking, meeting readers, visiting new cities. Left Coast Crime has been my favourite conference and I’ve been to three in Monterey, Phoenix and Vancouver. While a toss up, I’d have to say my fondest memories are from Monterey.

Sightseeing, Big Sur, California

On a panel with Ann Cleeves, Deborah Crombie, Louise Penny & Kathy Bennett

The Coronavirus numbers of infected people are up again in Ottawa and Ontario, much like the rest of the world, as we enter the second wave. Needless to say, book events and signings are still on hold. Public Health asked people to stay home whenever possible and to wear masks inside or when socially distancing isn’t possible. Authors are relying on virtual events and word of mouth to sell books. Consider placing an order with your local independent or chain bookstore to support writers and the book industry, which is suffering during these times.

Well, time for a second cup of coffee before getting this beautiful day underway. Happy weekend, everyone.