A Busy End to September

A Busy End to September

Last week of September and my curling leagues start up this week. Looks like there’s no more denying that summer is over. It’s the bittersweet season – a month of beauty before the snow and cold.

A few things this week. The Dundurn editor sent along three pages of questions for me to respond to for Closing Time and that took an entire afternoon to go through. I spent another afternoon answering a Q & A for Dietrich Kalteis’s blog Off the Cuff, a blog that introduces you to established and up-and-coming mystery authors. Worth checking out!

I’ve also hired a web designer to revamp my website and gathering stuff together took another half day. In addition, it was my Monday to blog on 7 Criminal Minds. (You can read my process for preparing for tax time.) And I also made a return visit to 1310 News The Power Lunch on Thursday and had an interesting discussion with the other guest about climate change and stories in the news – safe to say, we don’t see eye to eye, but the point of the show is to get various opinions. You can give a listen at the link above and see where you stand.

As a result of all these time-consumers, work on my manuscript slowed to a halt, but I attempted to get back writing yesterday with limited success. It’s hard to get the momentum going again but needs must. I’m entering the last chapters but the hard work is still ahead, editing, rewriting, pulling the plot line together. So,  in the spirit of procrastination, I spent the second half of the afternoon watching the final three episodes of season two of Mindhunter on Netflix. If you haven’t watched the series, it’s really well done and follows the FBI unit that started looking at the psychology of serial killers to help solve cases. Not light by any means but fascinating. I think I’ll watch some comedy next 🙂

The week ahead will include working on the Dundurn publicity grid and the new website, which I hope to unveil in October so stay tuned. I’m also aiming to have draft one of my latest manuscript finished. I’m meeting with a book club on Thursday to discuss Tumbled Graves – they had me visit a few years ago to discuss Cold Mourning and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Should be a good week!