Marching On

Marching On

Sitting here on another Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and the entire weekend ahead.

I’ve had a most productive writing week, clocking in at 25,000 words on the latest manuscript – pushing forward 6,000 words since last Saturday! I also have thought through next scenes as this story has a couple of separate plot lines that will intersect down the road. I’ve not done such concentrated writing at the beginning of a book since early days, and even then, I wasn’t this dedicated to daily word counts. I think this could be the way of my future — type at least 500 words a day, seven days a week. I’ve even managed 1,000 words each of the last four days. It’ll be great to have the first rough draft completed early summer … at this rate, I might have to take up golf to fill in my spare time 🙂

People are starting to ask when the Fatal Harvest book launch will be and I’m slowly sending out the invitation, which was created by the very talented Sylvia McConnell — not the same Sylvia McConnell who published my first books, but another friend with the same name who lives in Ottawa. This Sylvia is a graphic artist and the mom of my daughter’s boyfriend. (I’m beginning to think all Sylvias are wonderful people.) I’ve also been letting everyone know that if you can’t drop by the launch, I’ll be at other locations and events this spring, all updated on the home page of my website.

I also completed some Q’s and A’s in advance of release for Dietrich Kalteis‘s blog site “Off the Cuff”. Dietrich is a fabulous crime fiction writer living in B.C. He leans to the hard-boiled genre and his book Under an Outlaw Moon won Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence for book of the year a couple of years back. We are also fellow bloggers on 7 Criminal Minds, which reminds me — I need to write a post for Monday.

And no more writing news this week, although I might have something exciting in the works to share soon. Have a great week, everyone. Watching that big snow storm hitting California this weekend and hoping for the best for all those in its path. The predicted 12 feet (?!) in some areas is more than anybody deserves in one dumping. If I heard the news correctly, possibly 160 mile per hour winds … yikes.