Lining Up Ducks

Lining Up Ducks

And another Saturday morning coming down.

I feel as if I’m on holidays now that the first draft of my manuscript is in the hands of beta readers. I actually received feedback from one (always on pins and needles while I await the verdict) and the part that sticks with me is: Loved it.  Honour to read. Wow. So, off to a great start! I’ve lined up the professional editor and book cover designer, same ones I’ve always worked with, right back to my first published books.  We’re moving along.

I’ve mentioned that I’ll be interviewing Kathy Reichs at the Ottawa International Writers Festival on Monday, October 16. In preparation, I’ve been researching her past interviews and bios and have written several questions. I’ve also been rereading her first book Déjà Dead, which I happened to have in my bookcase. It’s the original paperback — I plan to have her sign it when we meet up. Kathy’s latest The Bone Hacker arrived in the post two days ago, and I’ll be giving that a careful read next week.  This interviewing gig is a fine thing.

My first book club visit is October 21 with women from the Granite Curling Club, actually two book clubs, merging for the get together, which will be held at the Britannia Yacht Club. Three more book clubs have lined me up for visits extending in to January – I love meeting readers! If you belong to a book club and would like me to drop by either in person or virtually (if outside Ottawa) send a message through the contact page on my website.

I’ve also been working with Don Butler, another mystery author in my neigbourhood, as we coordinate a visit to the Cumberland Public Library. We’ve yet to nail down the date, but we’re aiming for a Saturday in November. We did an event with Mike Martin at the Kemptville Library during the pandemic and had a great time. Don was a reporter and senior editor with the Ottawa Citizen, and his first book is A Life of Bliss.

Not much more to report this week although I’ve been busy enough. It’s getting on time to clean out the garden and do some house cleaning, two tasks on my back burner. I’m fortunate to have a partner who doesn’t care if supper is a can of beans and toast and who does a lion’s share of the work around the house, giving me time to write and do book stuff. He even heads out to play golf now and then so I have time to write … the sacrifices he makes!