April in Ottawa

April in Ottawa

Mother Nature decided to skip spring and move right into summer if this week in Ottawa is anything to go by. She’ll get no complaint from me. I’ve been taking a hard copy of my manuscript outside to edit in the warm sunshine. Combined with our vaccine appointments this coming Tuesday, and one can almost believe better days are ahead even though Ontario is at the beginning of a one-month stay at home order.

Yes, I’ve been going through the second complete edit and am just over half way through. It’s slow, meticulous work, and the deeper into it I get, the greater the urge to start editing from the beginning again because I must have missed something. I remind myself that there are many more edits to come so not to sweat it. After this second go-through, I’m going to get some readers involved to get their feedback. The process is moving along.

I also worked up some questions for my next interview with Rick Mofina, which will take place Wednesday via Zoom. Rick has an impressive writing career with his thrillers international best-sellers  translated in almost 30 languages. Rick and I worked together at Health Canada several years ago so I’m looking forward to catching up with him. I’ll link to his video once it goes live on the Crime Writers of Canada Youtube site where you can find interviews with several other crime writers from this region.

Today, I’m sitting in on a webinar given by USA Today bestselling author Karen Odden entitled,What is the Why? Building a Backstory for Nuanced Characters and Authentic Conflict”. I joined Sisters in Crime last month and signed up to be in the Toronto chapter. There are chapters all across the U.S. and member authors from anywhere are invited to register to access webinars and guest speakers. This particular talk is put on by the Grand Canyon chapter in the American southwest. Such a great way to gain new information and motivation during the pandemic.

I’ve also been encouraged by some lovely emails from readers and the great comments on Goodreads about my Stonechild series. The ratings and reviews have been pouring in on Goodreads with Cold Mourning now having 1155 ratings alone. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to post or to contact me. If you’d like to add a review, I’m enjoying all the entries:-)

So, today back at the editing, possibly outdoors again as we have another fine day ahead. I wish each of you a lovely weekend – stay well and be sure to check in with one another as we weather this latest onslaught of Covid-19.