Start Your Christmas Shopping!

Start Your Christmas Shopping!

Happy Saturday morning.

You will find me along with Barbara Fradkin today from noon to 2:00 p.m. at Chapters Barrhaven as part of a Crime Writers of Canada weekend. Stop by and say hello to any of the authors Saturday and Sunday if you’re out shopping and perhaps pick up a few books for Christmas gifts or your own library.

I’ve had a good week editing my latest manuscript and am now two-thirds of the way through a hard copy review. The manuscript is now closing in on 80,000 words so I’m getting close enough to the target 90,000 words. My next step after this edit is done will be to send the draft to my readers for their input. I’m pleased to say that my friend and author Alex Brett asked to be in on the early reviewing.

I’m also confirmed this week for the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto in January. I’ll be doing a two-minute book pitch to librarians for the upcoming Closing Time at the Crime Writers of Canada booth and will be signing copies of Turning Secrets at the Dundurn booth. It’s always great to meet more librarians and to let them know about my latest books.

My publicist also confirmed that Closing Time‘s release is the end of March, not May as she and I both believed. It will be part of the winter list. I’ll be starting to organize the last launch for the series soon and will send out details once all is set.

So a short post today as I get ready to head out to Chapters. I hope you can make it out to see us and maybe start that Christmas shopping 🙂