Where Trouble Leads

Sarah’s Stars – November 2007

“The storyline is easy to relate to and it is definitely a roller-coaster ride. . . . A worthy read – for the supense and the mystery. I give this book five puzzling stars out of five. It blew me away!”

Reviewed by Melissa – age 15.   Read the entire review in the November issue of Sarah’s Stars

CANADIANbookseller Review

“The mystery unfolds slowly, but Chapman uses the time to accurately capture the daily life of summer camp and explore the growing friendships between the campers who share Jennifer’s cabin. Where Trouble Leads is an ideal read for teens looking for a smart story, a strong heroine and a juicy mystery all rolled into one.”

Liam O’Donnell, CANADIANbookseller Volume 3 – 2007

Very Highly Recommended

Midwest Book Review – Children’s Bookwatch – August 2007

“Very highly recommended and entertaining reading, “Where Trouble Leads” by Brenda Chapman is a superbly crafted mystery for adolescent readers that will hold their rapt attention from first page to last.”


Enjoyable and fun … couldn’t put it down

Jennifer Bannon life has taken a strange turn. Her mother just married another man and is thinking of taking her younger sister from Ontario to California to live. Confused and worried about what changes life will bring, Jennifer decides to take a job as a camp counselor for the summer.

Excited about this camp experience, Jennifer and her best friend Ambie plunge into the outdoor life. But Jennifer finds a few things to be strange…why would the gorgeous counselor, Chad be at this camp? Surely someone as smart and wonderful and old as Chad would be able to get a much better paying job. And why do the cook and nurse seem to be so horrible at their jobs? But most confusing of all, who is the person sneaking around the camp at night?

Jennifer will soon discover that camp life may be more full of adventure than she wished. But with the help of her friends, she is determined to solve these mysteries.

This was a great story! There were many subplots into the complicated lives of the young campers. The story was intriguing and more complex than I originally thought. It was enjoyable and fun, and I couldn’t put it down!

Reviewed by Rista Tompkins
The Romance Readers Connection

Recommended – CM Magazine

“Reluctant teen readers, or readers already fans of the Jennifer Bannon novels, will be rewarded by Chapman’s deft handling of clues, her detailed evocation of a Canadian setting (Springhills, Ontario, and the Georgian Bay area), and a likeable, unflappable heroine.”

Reviewed by Ellen Wu
June 2007 CM Magazine

"Deeply atmospheric and tightly plotted, Cold Mourning is Chapman’s sharpest mystery yet.” ― C.B. Forrest, author of the Charlie McKelvey mysteries

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