Running Scared

Echelon Press Review

“Brenda Chapman is an excellent storyteller with a style that will appeal to readers of all ages. Her characters are likable and realistic.”

Karen L. Syed, Echelon Press Publishing

Canadian Teacher Magazine

“The fast pace of the first person narrative, mystery, and humour throughout Running Scared make it a page turner.”

Canadian Teacher Magazine

This is a good read

Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal – June 12th, 2005

It’s refreshing to find a young adult’s novel with a heroine who doesn’t just react to events, but instead does her best to use her energy and abilities to solve her problems. And the novel is a mystery, a popular genre with people of all ages, so there is an extra incentive to see how young Jennifer Bannon works out her problems.


Highly Recommended ****/4 – CM Magazine

Review by Ann Ketcheson (CM Magazine) – ****/4

This first novel of Canadian author Brenda Chapman is likely to make her a favourite among young mystery readers. The title and cover both predict a story full of scary events, and the tension begins to build in the first ten pages.


A short, captivating novel … satisfying 5 star read

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A Page Turner

Two novels, Running Scared and Hiding in Hawk’s Creek, have already been published by Napoleon Publishing in Toronto, and a third, Where Trouble Leads, is due out in spring 2007. These three novels are part of a series that centres around an adolescent girl named Jennifer Bannon. “Her parents have separated and her father reappears in town after being gone for two years,” explains Brenda. “Her mother works as a nurse, and Jennifer is often left to babysit her 10-year-old sister, Leslie. Not only does Jennifer have to cope with her parents and sister, but she’s also starting high school and not doing well.”