Trail of Secrets

In Trail of Secrets, the fourth and final instalment in the Jennifer Bannon mystery series, Jennifer begins Grade Eleven at Springhills High and her life is far from settled. Jennifer’s mother has moved to L.A. with her new husband and is determined to have Jennifer’s younger sister Leslie join them. Adding to the upheaval, Jennifer’s boyfriend Pete moves to McGill to study pre-med and Jennifer fears their relationship will not survive the separation. She also worries about her best friend Ambie who has been secretly e-mailing the biological father she has never met. Meanwhile, foster child Roxie Firestone shows up in Springhills to live with a family that soon has a crisis of its own, and a mysterious boy named Evan starts hanging around Jennifer as rumours fly that his family is hiding from the law. Trail of Secrets is a suspenseful tale of hidden motives and people who are not what they seem.

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Trail of Secrets by Brenda Chapman
ISBN# 978-1894917766
Published Spring 2009

"Deeply atmospheric and tightly plotted, Cold Mourning is Chapman’s sharpest mystery yet.” ― C.B. Forrest, author of the Charlie McKelvey mysteries

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