In Winter’s Grip

The last thing Maja Cleary wanted was to be drawn back to her childhood home in the depths of a snowy Minnesota winter – but news of her father’s murder and her brother Jonas’s arrest force her from the safe world she has so carefully constructed for herself in Ottawa. A killer is on the prowl in Duved Cove and somewhere in Maja’s troubled past lies the trigger.

Passions and past trespasses are on a collision course as Maja crosses the border to save Jonas from being convicted of their father’s homicide – one he had every reason to commit. While Maja battles against time, her own demons and the relentless snow, the murderer prepares to kill again . . .

In Winter’s Grip by Brenda Chapman
Released Fall 2010
ISBN 978-1-926607-05-4

"Deeply atmospheric and tightly plotted, Cold Mourning is Chapman’s sharpest mystery yet.” ― C.B. Forrest, author of the Charlie McKelvey mysteries

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